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Odeon goes above and beyond in considerations for their clientele. Their latest endeavors include finding healthier recipes for their concessions stands and offering a kid’s menu with healthy, low-calorie options. Odeon also strives to ensure that all of their theaters are accessible for every kind of disability.

They offer special headsets for visually-impaired customers that offer descriptive audio, headsets or subtitles for hearing-impaired clients, and autism-friendly screenings. Odeon also takes part in The Cinema Exhibitor’s Association Card Scheme – a concessionary card that allows disabled movie-goers to purchase a free ticket for a friend accompanying them to the theater.

Below are the estimated  Odeon prices:



Bargain Monday

Child (12 years and under)£5.60
Teen (Ages 13-17)£5.60
Student (Valid student card required)£5.60
Senior (Ages 60+)£5.60
Adult (Ages 18+)£5.60
Family (1 adult, 3 children or 2 adults, 2 children)£22.00

Off Peak (Tues, Wed, Thurs before 5pm)

Child (12 years and under)£5.60
Teen (Ages 13-17)£5.90
Student (Valid student card required)£5.90
Senior (Ages 60+)£5.90
Adult (Ages 18+)£6.90
Family (1 adult, 3 children or 2 adults, 2 children)£25.00

Peak (Tues, Wed, Thurs from 5pm, all day Fri thru Sun)

Child (12 years and under)£6.30
Teen (Ages 13-17)£7.00
Student (Valid student card required)£7.00
Senior (Ages 60+)£7.00
Adult (Ages 18+)£8.40
Family (1 adult, 3 children or 2 adults, 2 children)£25.00

3D Movies

Adults +£2.00
Family +£6.40
Children, Teen, Student & Senior +£1.60
3D Glasses +£1.00 per pair

Premier Seat

Each +£1.80
Family +£7.20


Off Peak Standard (Mon-Fri before 5pm)

Adult (15 and over)£9.25
Child (3 - 14)£5.90
Student (with valid photo ID)£6.70
Senior (over 60s)£6.90
Family of 4 (2 adults, 2 children)£27.60
Family of 3 (1 Adult, 2 Children)£18.50

Off Peak Premium (Mon-Fri before 5pm)

Adult (15 and over)£10.25
Child (3 - 14)£8.70
Student (with valid photo ID)£8.70
Senior (over 60s)£8.70
Family of 4 (2 adults, 2 children)£34.50
Family of 3 (1 Adult, 2 Children)£25.50

Odeon Cinemas is one of the oldest and most widely-known cinema chains in the UK. Perry Bar founded the chain in 1930, establishing the cinema company’s tradition of being more than a place to just watch films – Odeon is where you go to experience them. Now owned by Terra Firma, Odeon has grown to over one hundred Cinemas. The theater at Leicester Square, boasting over 1,600 seats and three large screens out front, has hosted over 700 European and World film premieres. Odeon cinemas are well known for their art-deco architecture and for being proponents of the latest film technology. Odeon boasts IMAX and 3D screens in addition to traditional. They not only screen films but also stream live sports and cultural events.

Odeon is a leading supporter of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR for short). From switching to less-consuming LED lights to encouraging recycling at all of their facilities, the teams at Odeon take the environment very seriously. The company has completely transitioned to digital media across all of its locations, reducing the waste and production costs for film reels. They are also working towards eliminating the paper ticket system, reducing both the use of paper and the gas emissions for delivery.

In addition to caring for the global environment, Odeon also supports charitable foundations. Since 2007, the cinema group has been partnered with NSPCC and Variety in their work among children. On the more local scale, Odeon seeks to support several communities through various initiatives, from their Newbies screenings – where parents can see films with small children—to their Senior Screen – where a more mature audience can enjoy “seasons of films.” Odeon understands that going to the cinema is a family affair. In addition to offering the aforementioned special screenings, they also offer a family pricing deal where a family of four can see a film with everyone paying the price of a kid’s ticket. Odeon also offers “The Gallery” at select locations, which boast extra leg room, extra-wide seats, and unlimited drinks, nachos, and popcorn. For the 18+ crowd, the Odeon at Whiteley’s, London, offers “The Lounge” – Fine Food and Film.

Odeon is incredibly accessible to all moviegoers. Through website, mobile site, apps for both Android and Apple users, and social media presence, Odeon makes itself available to all movie goers. They also encourage attendance through their rewards program, the Odeon Premiere Club. Club members earn ten points for every pound they spend at the cinema; they can then use those points to purchase more tickets or concessions. Odeon is wise enough to put a chart on their website detailing exactly how many points are needed to purchase various tickets and concessions. Members can also receive exclusive offers and discounts, and they can take part in competitions. If you aren’t a huge fan of films, but you know someone who is, Odeon also offers gift cards. If you prefer to buy your tickets online, then Odeon offers booking with no additional fees.

For additional information about Odeon Cinema Prices, visit their official website.

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