Pets At Home Grooming Prices

To Be the Best Pet Shop in the World – This is the mission of Pets At Home Grooming, one of the leaders in the pet care industry. With its foremost value being putting pets before profit, the company has established an enviable reputation as the place for pet owners to find the best veterinarians and groomers.

Below are the estimated Pets At Home Grooming Prices:


Dog Grooming Treatments

Small Breeds£20.00-£45.00
Medium Breeds£24.00-£49.00
Large Breeds£25.00-£60.00
Extra-Large Breeds£35.00-£80.00


Top Dog Package£8.00
Nail and Ear Package£12.00
Puppy Package£15.00
Luxury Shampoo£3.00
Coat Re-Moisturising £3.00
Teeth Cleaning£5.00-£8.00
Winter Paw Care£8.00

Cats Grooming

Hygiene Trim£25.00
Brush Out£38.00
Bath & Brush for Short Coats£42.00
Bath & Brush for long Coats£52.00
Lion Trim & Shave £67.00


In 1991, Anthony Preston founded Pets at Home and opened its first store in Chester in the United Kingdom. In 1999, it acquired Petsmart in the United Kingdom thus expanding its chain to 140 stores. In the same year, it also introduced Companion Care in-store full-service veterinary practices including its 24-hour emergency call-out facilities.

In 2004, Bridgepoint, a European private equity firm, acquired Pets at Home. Many developments soon followed including the opening of the 200th store in Barnstaple, the launching of the new website, and the achievement of a 220-strong network.

In 2010, KKR acquired Pets at Home while its network has expanded to 279 locations. Today, there are over 360 stores – and growing – in the United Kingdom.

What Sets Them Apart

Pets at Home offers its customers with unique multi-channel outlets for all of their pert care needs. The company maintains a large network of stores across the country, multiple websites for its numerous brands, and quality pet services via its veterinary clinics and grooming salons, as well as a broad range of exclusive and innovative products designed for the enjoyment of pet owners and their pets. Indeed, Pets at Home is widely considered as a one-stop shop for pet owners!

Why Your Pet Should Use Their Services

As a pet owner, you only want the best products and services within your budget for your pets including cats, dogs, and birds. You will find almost everything required for responsible pet care in a Pets at Home location because of the following facilities:

  • Broad range of world-class pet care products in its stores, said products of which fall under private brands and the company’s own labels
  • In-store theatre with animal pet villages, reptile vivaria, and fish aquariums that provide entertainment and education to customers
  • Numerous pet care services including water testing, nutrition consultation, and microchip implantation, among others, which are provided by highly-trained vets and animal specialists
  • Groom Rooms that offer a wide range of grooming services including full grooming, nail clipping, and bath and blow dry.

Pets at Home also offers its customers with informational and educational resources to enhance their knowledge and skills in responsible pet ownership.