Pets at Home Grooming: Your Partner In Keeping Track of Your Pet

According to Petlog, the United Kingdom’s largest lost-and-found database for pets with microchips, more than 70,000 pets are missing in the country (2014). But of the missing pets, approximately 75% of dogs and 45% of cats are reunited with their owners, thanks to their microchips. The bottom line: You should seriously consider the microchip technology offered by Pets at Home Grooming!


Safe for Pets


You don’t have to worry about a microchip being painful for your beloved pet. Each microchip is so small – a grain of rice is a good comparison – and its implantation process so easy that pain isn’t in the picture.


The veterinarian implants the microchip, which is encased in a special type of pet-safe glass, into your pet’s body usually between the shoulder blades. There’s no incision required since only a special needle and syringe are used. Your pet doesn’t have to stay overnight in the kennel (i.e., no downtime involved).


Once the microchip is in place, a handheld device can immediately detect the information on the microchip. You can ask for your pet’s details as well as your current address and contact information to be embedded in it. You must update the information when changes arise, such as your change of address or phone number.


Peace of Mind for Owners


While a microchip can seem unnecessary considering that collars and tags often suffice, it will contribute to your peace of mind. Your pet can become lost, wander off, or even be stolen while his collar or tag can become damaged, either accidentally or deliberately. Your chances of being reunited with him decreases for this reason.


But a microchip cannot be so easily ejected or deactivated. If your pet was lost, wandered off, or stolen before being recovered by authorities, you still have a chance of reuniting with them. For example, veterinarians and animal control authorities can scan your pet’s microchip for information.


While not all pets with microchips can be reunited with their owners, the technology increases the chances. As a pet owner, you’re more likely to take the chance than leave everything else to chance.


Things to Remember


Now that you’re interested in the pet microchip technology, here are a few things to remember about it.


  • Dogs and cats can be implanted with a microchip. But while there’s a standard procedure, your pet’s physical condition, species, and size will also be considered. You and the veterinarian will discuss these matters before the day itself.


  • Setting an appointment is a must. You should set an appointment so that your pet can be evaluated for his suitability for the microchip. You don’t have to worry, however, since all dogs and cats are good candidates for it.


  • Waiting outside of clinic is recommended. You may want to be in the same room as your pet during the implanting process but it isn’t recommended. You can wait in a waiting room – and you will not wait long since it only takes a few minutes to complete.


Once the Pets at Home Grooming staff members have completed the process, you have another means of keeping track of your pet at all times. Now that’s a great benefit to pay for!

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