Planning Your Longleat Safari Park Adventure

Travel agencies will very often tell you that they’ve got you covered when it comes to planning a safari adventure. However, whether you’re going to the Longleat Safari Park or somewhere else, you’ll want to plan ahead just to make sure that the agency is really getting you the best offer money can buy.

If you do go for the Longleat Safari Park here is a rundown of the most important activities to participate in.

Explore the Safari Park

The Safari Park is without a doubt the most famous section because it was featured on television multiple times and it is without a doubt one of the highlights. Keep in mind that the lines are the longest in the morning while the schedule for the afternoon is a little less packed.

This is, of course based on the schedule of the animals so if you really want to get in and see more wild animals then make it a point to wake up early.

The Longleat House

No matter what you do, make it a point to visit the Longleat House. It is the home of the Marquesses of Bath and is the central estate of the area.

It is famous for its main estate, the Longleat maze and its several locations used for films and television series such as “Doctor Who.” The whole Longleat Safari was established by the noble family residing here and it became notable as the first safari outside of Africa.

Adventure CastleAdventure Caste -

Then there’s the Adventure Castle. This is ideal for families with lots of children. Kids can only last so long in a wildlife safari before they can tired or bored and the Adventure Castle is a great way for them to unwind and relax after spending all that time in a vehicle looking at animals in the distance.

There is a medieval castle designed for the family and kids as well as a special “Play Kingdom” for children 18 months to 5 years old.

Yearly Events

This year the Safari is going to hold the Sky Safari event involving hot air balloon rides. There is also a planned “Stars of the Park” event which will involve several well-known celebrities hosting the events.

Participating in any of these annual events can be fun for the whole family so while planning your visit try to schedule it to coincide with one of these. It is likely your travel agency will try to point them out to you as well.

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