Pret a Manger Prices

Organic Coffee, Natural Food.

Pret a Manger is not your typical food shop. While everything is prepared fresh and there is a small café for customers to dine in, Pret also offers catering and the Pret Card. The Pret Card is similar to a gift card – simply carry it to the register, and an employee will help you load money for purchasing food and coffee at a later date. However, the Pret Card is set up for online balance-checking and theft protection. If you register the card, you can report whenever it is lost to avoiding losing the balance as well.

Below are the estimated Pret a Manger prices:

Food Price

Sandwiches & Baguettes, Starting from £2.99

New Yorker on Rye£2.99
Classic Ham & Egg Baguette£2.99
Scottish Smoked Salmon Sandwich£2.99
Chicken Avocado Sandwich£2.99
Beech Smoked BLT£2.99
Classic Super Club£2.99
Egg & Tomatoe on Rye£2.99
Free Range Egg Mayp£2.99
Mature Cheddar & Pret Pickle £2.99
Pole & Line Caught Tun & Pocket£2.99
Scottish Smoked Salmon£2.99
Wild Crayfish & Rocket£2.99
Wiltshire-Cured Ham & Pret Pickle£2.99
Super Greens & Reds£2.99
Pole & Line Caught Tuna Mayo & Cucumber Baguette£2.99

Salads from £3.99

Superfood Salad£3.99
Chef's Italian Chicken Salad£3.99
Teriyaki Salmon Sushi Salad£3.99
Tuna Nicoise Salad£3.99
Wild Crayfish & Avocado no Bread£3.99
Falafel Mezze Salad£3.99
Egg & Spinach Protein Pot£3.99
Beets, Squash & Feta Superbowl£3.99
Crayfish Mango & Cashew Superbowl£3.99

Wraps and Flat Bread from £3.75

Avocado & Herb Salad Wrap£3.75
Chunky Humous Salad Wrap£3.75
Falafel Flat Bread£3.75
Hoisin Duck Wrap£3.75
Mediterranean Tuna Flat Bread£3.75
Chicken Raita Salad Wrap£3.75
Lebanese Butternut Squash Salad Wrap£3.75
Lebanese Chicken Flat Bread£3.75


Organic Teas

English Breakfast£1.60
Earl Greay£1.60
Herbal Infusion£1.60

Hot Fruit Infusions

Lemon and Ginger£2.25
Spiced Apple£2.25
Hibiscus & Berry£2.25

Hot Fruit Infusions

Latte (Regular)£2.15
Latte (Strong)£2.45
Cappuccino (Regular)£2.15
Cappuccino (Strong)£2.45
Americano (Regular)£1.75
Americano (Strong)£2.05
Flat White (Regular)£2.15
Flat White (Strong)£2.45
Espresso (Regular)£1.35
Espresso (Strong)£1.65
Macchiato (Regular)£1.35
Macchiato (Strong)£1.65
Mocha (Regular)£2.15
Mocha (Strong)£2.45

Hot Fruit Infusions

Organic Spiced Latte£2.45
Orange Spiced Hot Chocolate£2.70
Organic Hot Chocolate £2.40
Spiced Winter Infusion£2.00
Add Cream40p
Babbyccinoon the house!
Cup of Organic Milk99p

Winter Chillers

Rhubarb Smoothie£3.45
Gingerbread Frappe£3.45

Pret's Frappe's

Classic Frappe£2.95
Chocolate Frappe£2.95
Add a Shot30p

Real Fruit Smoothies

Berry Blast£2.95
Passion Pop£2.95
Coconut Crush£3.45

Soups from £3.50

Chicken Noodle £3.50
Aromatic Asian Chicken Soup£3.50
Butternut Squash & Sage Soup£3.50
Chicken, Broccoli & Brown Rice Soup£3.50
Chicken, Edamame & Ginger Soup£3.50
Cream of Chicken Soup£3.50
Italian Meatball Soup£3.50
Lentil & Quinoa Soup£3.50
Malaysian Chicken Curry Soup£3.50
Miso Soup£3.50
Mushroom Risotto Soup£3.50
Pret's Tomato Soup£3.50
Sag Aloo Soup£3.50
South Indian Tomato & Spice Soup£3.50
Thai Chicken Curry Soup£3.50
Tuscan Minestrone Soup£3.50

Pret a Manger was first opened in 1986 in Hampstead, London within the United Kingdom. For thirty years, Pret has operated under the mission of providing fresh, ready-to-eat food for its customers; the food is renowned for being completely organic. To abide by their rules of freshness, Pret does not keep uneaten food overnight – instead, they donate it to charity and start new every morning. The company has grown from that single shop in Hampstead to over 350 locations worldwide. Pret a manger has kitchens built near or in every store, and the vegetables used in their food are delivered to shops every morning.

Donating extra food at the end of the day is not the only way Pret a Manger gives back to the community. In addition to only offering the best ingredients, Pret has never built a factory to produce their wares – instead of reducing their carbon footprint, they avoided creating one to begin with. By donating their food to charities, they reduce waste at the end of the day as well. Pret also has The Pret Foundation, a nonprofit organization that works to create sustainable solutions to alleviate hunger and homelessness.

For additional information about Pret a Manger Prices, visit their official website.

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