Prezzo Prices

Prezzo is an Italian restaurant chain known for its inspired dishes that include salads, pastas, pizzas, and other meat dishes. Light Options are offered on their menu—these are food made of low-fat and low-calorie ingredients, and are usually served with salad.

They also cater to vegetarians as they offer dishes that are free of meat. The company has joined the SRA or the Sustainable Restaurant Association, where they pledged to improve their policies on sourcing products, waste management, and environmental responsibilities.

Why they Are So Delicious

In every meal, they invite their customers to take a journey with them to Italy. Taste the freshness and goodness of every meal crafted from delightful flavours and artisan ingredients that bring the authenticity of Italian food on every plate.

Even if you’re feeling under the weather, the taste of their pizzas will lighten up your mood. Savour the delectable cheese and other fine ingredients of your pizza, such as pesto and mozzarella, crushed chillies, red onion, broccoli, olives, cherry tomatoes, rare steak, and many more.

They also have breads and olives, starters, calzone, pasta, grills, risotto, salads, and sides, among others.

Below is the latest Prezzo menu with prices.

The Experience

Dining at restaurants can be a little expensive, especially if you want to do it often. Luckily, you can participate in membership groups that provide discounts in thousands of restaurants and establishments in the country.

Some examples of diners’ clubs are Gourmet Society and Taste Card. What you can do is to get a club membership that Pezzo participates in. Once you have your card ready, call a participating restaurant and book a reservation.

Don’t forget to mention the membership, so you can confirm the discount. You will be required to show your card once the bill is about to be paid.

Prezzo was established in Central London in 2000. It was founded by its Chief Executive, Jonathan Kaye. The company has 13 locations and over more than 200 branches in the United Kingdom. The company has also received several awards over the years.

For their locations, the company refurnishes old buildings with high architectural worth. An example would be the old movie house in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire.

Kaye came from a family of restaurateurs. His father and uncle worked in the restaurant trade with Garfunkel’s and Deep Pan Pizza and with the Golden Egg café chain. The current company directors include his cousins Adam and Samuel Kaye.

For more information about Prezzo, visit their official website.