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World class fitness equipment at an affordable price

The PureGym story begins in 2008, when successful businessman Peter Roberts discovered an issue in the fitness industry: the sector was overcome with mid to high-end operators with lengthy contracts, strict business hours, and firm pricing structures. These three constraints kept many people from joining gyms or exercising on a regular basis.

As a response, Roberts opened PureGym: a gym that was open twenty-four hours, had no long-term contracts, and offered low monthly fees. PureGym now has around 50 gyms throughout the UK. They offer a No Frills approach to exercise – they’ve cut out all the spas, pools, and lounge areas, dedicating their space to top of the line workout equipment and cutting cost to stay affordable.

Below are the estimated Pure Gym prices:

Type Cost

Pre-Opening Offer

£15.00 Joining Fee£17.99

Regular Monthly

£15.00 Joining Fee£22.99

All Club Access

£15.00 Joining Fee£26.99

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While PureGym does not offer spa services or pool time, they do have a wide selection of exercise equipment in an open-floor plan, in addition to free weights. They also offer over fifty fitness classes, including popular selection like Zumba and community-oriented ones such as Charity Cycle.

Personal Trainers are available for private sessions, and each trainer at PureGym is not only level-3 or better qualified but also specializes in certain areas like injury rehab or sports therapy. PureGym lists all of their trainers on the member site, profiling them so that members can make an educated choice towards achieving their fitness goals.

PureGym handles all of their memberships through their website, cutting the sales tactics out of a workout session with their staff. They also publish a blog on their site with useful health and fitness information on topics such as BMI, recovery drinks, and food options that line up with fitness goals. PureGym also operates on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube in addition to offering their own app for both Android and iPhone operating systems.

For additional information about Pure Gym Gyms, visit their official website.

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