Recreational Tennis: Combining Fitness and Socialization

Among the British, tennis has a hallowed place in the nation’s consciousness with the likes of Andy Murray, Tim Henman, and Greg Rusedski earning high respects for their tennis prowess.

Yet another reason for tennis’ popularity in the United Kingdom is its combination of fitness, socialization and recreation especially when it comes to recreational tennis.

No wonder that the David Lloyd tennis courts are popular among individuals, couples and groups!

If you still have doubts about recreational tennis, you have to read about its numerous benefits here. Your entry into the world of recreational tennis can even start on a gradual basis, such as once every two weeks or so.

Tennis for FitnessTennis for Fitness -

Instead of taking a gym membership, you should subscribe to a tennis membership plan at David Lloyd and enjoy full access to its facilities.

You will be able to play tennis during the day or night as well as on weekends or weekdays, whatever suits your lifestyle, which means enjoying the benefits of cardiovascular exercise.

You needn’t worry about performing complicated movements, as is the case with dance-based exercises, and mastering safe techniques, such as in bodybuilding, too.

You are already working out when playing tennis – and you will not even realize it. You will soon observe that your physical and mental health as well as your skills have gradually improved until playing with the pros in the courts become possible.

And the best thing about playing tennis for fitness – you needn’t worry about your age! For as long as you can hold a racquet, hit a ball, and run on your feet, you can play with others.

You are never too old to learn the tips and tricks of tennis, as evidenced by the wide variety of people in tennis courts.

Tennis for Socialization

While tennis is as competitive as team sports, such as lacrosse, rugby and hockey, you will find that the opportunities for socialization before and after a match are aplenty.

Tennis etiquette dictates that the players should shake hands after a game, no matter who wins or loses, and leave their game-related animosity behind, perhaps even share a drink or two at a nearby pub.

Since tennis can be played by anybody from 8 to 80, you will also find plenty of opportunities to socialize with a wide range of people across all ages.

You can become a mentor to the younger players and a peer, even a friend, to your contemporaries and older players.

Come and play tennis now and get fit while also making new friends!

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