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The appeal to Reel Cinemas goes beyond recent blockbusters. Special Event viewings can be found at each location, offering the experience of viewing music gigs, Royal Opera House performances, mainstream films, etc. Reel Cinemas will also work with you for special events, such as Kids’ Parties, and fundraising events.

To find out what may be showing in your area, check the local theater listings on their website or call. Their website also hosts a price list and a list of current specials. If you are unsure what you want to see, then you can also pop on and watch some trailers or review movie information. Reel Cinemas also hosts competitions, with prizes including movie sets for your personal collection.

Below are the estimated Reel Cinema Prices:



Mon-Fri After 5pm & All Day Sat-Sun

Adult £6.60
Student £5.60
Child / Senior£4.95
NHS / Emergency Services & Armed Forces£4.95
Family Group 4£14.85
Family Group 3£19.80

Mon-Fri Before 5pm except Bank holidays

Adult £5.60
Student £4.75
Child / Senior£4.20
NHS / Emergency Services & Armed Forces£4.20
Family Group 4£12.60
Family Group 3£16.80

3D Movies

Mon-Fri After 5pm & All Day Sat-Sun

Adult £8.55
Student £7.25
Child / Senior£6.40
NHS / Emergency Services & Armed Forces£6.40
Family Group 4£19.20
Family Group 3£25.60

Mon-Fri Before 5pm except Bank holidays

Adult £7.25
Student £6.15
Child / Senior£5.45
NHS / Emergency Services & Armed Forces£5.45
Family Group 4£16.35
Family Group 3£21.80

Alternative Live Content

Concessions £12.50


Coming soon.. n/a
Coming soon.. n/a
Coming soon.. n/a

Reel Cinema’s story begins in 2001, when the Curzon Cinema in Loughborough was acquired for a property development project. Research showed that the cinema offered a chance to provide the complete cinema experience. To achieve this goal, the Curzon Leisure Group formed to tailor the cinema experience towards market sectors within town centres. The group grew, and in 2005 they went through a re-brand to become Reel Cinema Ltd. They continue to operate with the goal of providing film-goers with cleanliness, comfort, affordability, quality pictures and sound, up-to-date blockbuster options, and excellent customer service from knowledgeable staff.

Reel Cinemas does their best to provide savings wherever possible, including a Savers’ Menu at their concessions stand. They also have Super Saver Days on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, where all tickets are sold at a reduced price through the entire day.

In addition to offering ways to save on ticket prices through the week, Reel Cinemas also offers special showings targeted to specific audiences. Children and families are encouraged to come to Kids’ Club every weekend and every day during school holidays. In Kids’ Club, family-friendly movies are shown for a fraction of the price, and all attendees pay the same ticket price. Outside of Kids’ Club, Reel Cinemas boasts a “Family Combo” deal, where families of three or four pay child’s ticket prices for every attendee. The concession stand has its own family incentive, offering a large popcorn with two large and two small drinks at a reduced price. Tuesdays are host to Seniors’ Club, where the more mature audience goers can see select films at a reduced price and receive a free hot beverage.

For additional information about Reel Cinema, visit their official website.

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