Rum Kitchen Happy Hour

Caribbean cuisine is definitely becoming all the rage in the UK as of late. More and more diners are flocking to rum and jerky serving eateries to remind them of their last holiday in the West Indies. This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise that the Rum Kitchen is such a hit among British foodies, jetsetters, and regular food lovers.

The table below contains information of about Rum Kitchens’ Happy Hours:


Happy Hour

Monday - Friday (6:00pm - 8:00pm)

2 for 1 Cocktailsfrom £ 7.50 - £9.00


Opened in 2012 in Notting Hill, Rum Kitchen provided a tropical space to the permanent gray of London. It’s beach inspired interiors gave diners a respite from the gloom of the capital, transporting diners back to the feel, smell, and taste of their recently (or even distantly) concluded trip to Turks and Caicos Islands.

With Cottons and Boisdale veteran, Chef Jones Quaynor at the helm of this tropical dining paradise, you’re guaranteed a fantastic feast of some of the most flavorful meats, zingiest salads, and the finest rum-based cocktails in the city.

What They are Famous For

With the growing number of diners serving Caribbean food in London, picking where to go can be a bit of a challenge. If you’re considering the Rum Kitchen, here are some points that might win you over.

1. Bottomless Brunch

If you try to Google Rum Kitchen, the first suggestion would be bottomless brunch. It’s honestly a great offer as you can indulge in some tasty and flavorful Caribbean feast on a particularly easygoing weekend. Drinks and meals will come aplenty and you can stay for two hours gorging yourself with some of the best dishes in London.

2. Authentic Cocktails

Rum and rum-based cocktails lovers will particularly enjoy their visit at the Rum Kitchen with their wide selection of mixes that are as authentic as it can get. This diner is also doubles as a bar, so you can easily enjoy your meals with an alcoholic drink or two.

3. Great Food

Some diners may have issues with the busy restaurants of Rum Kitchen, but no one can deny that the food they serve is worth coming back to. The salads are unlike your regular fare and the meats are brimming with flavor. Every dish is on point and thoroughly filling and enjoyable.

Why Drink and Dine Here

The Rum Kitchen is the best destination if you want a shot of sunshine in the middle of spring, fall, or winter. They serve not only great food, but a tropical break in the middle of London as well. The laidback atmosphere is also something to revel in, so a trip to this diner is always a good choice if you want to take a short break from London.