San Carlo Prices


While it has all the hip elements going on for it, San Carlo is actually a family-run enterprise. It traces its roots back to 1992 when Carlo Distefano opened his first restaurant in Birmingham.

Below are the estimated San Carlo prices:


Today, San Carlo is known as the San Carlo Group of Restaurants as it is already running quite a number of San Carlo restaurants and a few other more. All of which have something special to offer, giving people more options in dining with this brand.

What They are Famous For

Being one of the most popular restaurants in the UK, you should be wondering what this diner has that got people talking. To help shed some light why this eatery gets a good buzz, here are a few things they’re famous for.

1. Great food.

The first thing people rave about San Carlo is their food. Their Italian cooking is just exquisite and as authentic as it can get – definitely a treat to those who are willing to pay a premium price for a fancy and filling meal.

What makes San Carlo amazing is that they take a seemingly mundane ingredient and turns it into magic. They will wow you over and over with their changing specials, so you’ll always come back to try something new.

2. Sleek branding.

Unlike a lot of other family-run restaurant chains, San Carlo is actually a happening joint. You’ll know the moment you see a San Carlo restaurant that you’re in for something new and exciting in this diner. The name may be traditional, but everything about this diner is definitely far from what you’ll consider as the tradition.

3. Celebrity sightings.

One of the best things that helped give San Carlo its upscale vibe is the fact that it is a favorite among celebrities. There are tons of sightings in the Manchester restaurant, enough for publications to make a list of who’s been seen dining here.

Why Dine Here

For most people, dining out is not just a way to satiate their cravings and fill their hunger, but an entire experience on its own. San Carlo is one of the places that will make your fancy dinner a whole new different experience from anything you’ve tried before. For more information, please visit their official site.