Another leading theater chain in the UK is Showcase. Also known as the Showcase Cinemas, this movie venue is a popular entertainment destination for those who are looking for a quality time.


Owned and operated by National Amusements, Showcase is actually an international movie theatre chain. National Amusements is actually an American company and owns more Showcase movie theatres in other countries like Argentina and Brazil.

It may not be the biggest chain in the UK, but it is definitely one of the most notable. You can find them in different parts of the country, serving more areas and providing entertainment to moviegoers from all over.

What They are Famous For

Like other cinemas, Showcase have a wide range of fun and exciting offers to their guests. These make them quite a top choice for some regular moviegoers as their gimmicks definitely take the viewing experience to the next level.

So, what are these offers that make Showcase well loved? Here are a few examples.

Autism-friendly screenings.

Showcase offer screenings for select movies with the help of their not-for-profit partner, Dimensions. These special screenings are designed to allow viewers with autism to enjoy the film in whichever way they like as they are in a safe space with others who understand the condition. In these screenings, the lights will be on low and the

In these screenings, the lights will be on low and the volume will be turned down. Trailers won’t be shown at the beginning of the film to avoid any reactions and help viewers focus on the film. Your own food and drinks are allowed inside and you can move around the cinema freely if you like.

Special events.

Showcase is also home to several special events ranging from live comedy shows to special screenings of documentaries. Depending on what’s scheduled, you can also catch great live performances.

MARTIN GAVINSomething special The “Lux” seating is something similar to first class on an airline. Seats are sold on a reserved basis and cost $10 over the price of a regular ticket. The section features food above and beyond normal movie fare.

Cinema de Lux.

Aimed to redefine the cinema experience in the UK, the Cinema de Lux brand was launched in 2008 to offer a new way of viewing films at Showcase Cinemas. This specific brand brings together the latest films and events and contemporary dining trends with the best service and distinct amenities. In other words, it lets you eat in front of the big screen, making going to the movies a lot more fun if you’re also a big fan of dining out.

Why Choose Showcase

With a wide range of unique offers, there are definitely tons of reasons why you should pay Showcase Cinemas a visit. They might just change your entire opinion of going to the movies.

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