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There are seven natural wonders in the world. At Taybarns, there are seven satisfying selections to keep anybody happy. Life can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Choices can sometimes be overwhelming. The young lads want a fresh pizza; Mum wants a delicious, healthy salad and Dad wants to enjoy a mouth-watering BBQ burger and wash it down with a refreshing pint. What is the easiest way to give everyone what they want? Taybarns is the answer.

Below are the latest estimated Taybarns prices.



11.30am 'till 6.00pm£5.99
6.00pm 'till late£7.99


11.30am 'till late£9.99


All day every day!£4.40

Soft & Hot Drinks

Pay One Price And Then Refill Your Glass As Many Times As You Like
Diet Pepsi£2.49
R Whites Lemonade£2.49
Tango Orange£2.49
Tango Apple£2.49
Apple & Mango£1.80
Orange & Passsion Fruit£1.80
Apple & Blueberry£1.80
Robinsons Fruit Shoot£1.30
Orange, Apple & Blackcurrant Robinsons Fruit Shoot H20£1.30
Orange or Blackcurrant Decante Sparkling£1.40
Decante Still£1.40

Hot Drinks

Caffè Latte£2.49
Hot chocolate£2.49
Freshly Brewed Tea£2.49


Taybarns opened its first location in Swansea in 2007, with the idea to bring people “the ultimate eatery” and bring delicious food and a reasonable price and keep them satisfied. Taybarns encourages believe that life can be complicated, but food doesn’t have to be. Having the entire family is the goal and Taybarns is the way. Taybarns was conceived with the idea to bring people “the ultimate eatery”, which would be to create seven restaurants for the price of one.

The Experience

When you gaze upon the famous 34 metre food counter, you immediately realize that Taybarns is everything you ever wanted for a meal. The possibilities are endless. First, you start with the soup and salad. Fresh, creamy tomato soup and a crisp salad bar stocked with sweetcorn, red onions, peppers and dozens of other options are immediately at your fingertips. If you move forward, you will find the chip shop, which again gives you plenty of options; if you fancy, freshly battered fish with a side of curry sauce and jacket potatoes, you’ll be in heaven.

The grill house is our next stop and it’s a barbecue paradise. Tender pork sausage, bacon steaks and fresh corn on the cob can be found here. Don’t fill up too much, because next on our stop is Kitchen Italia. Pizza can be found here; piping hot and fresh out of the oven. Crispy garlic bread rolls and cheese pasta bake will surely make your mouth water.

The next stop to entice your taste buds would be: The world of spice. Sweet and sour chicken and freshly sautéed vegetables in black bean sauce will be sure to give your plate some added spice. Don’t forget your vegetables! You can find them at the carvery corner, along with delicious roast turkey, stuffing and Yorkshire puddings.


No “ultimate eatery” would be complete without dessert, right? You are encouraged to treat your sweet tooth to the warm apple crumble that melts in your mouth and creamy cheesecake. No meal would be complete without a refreshing beverage and again there are plenty of options. Refreshment options include: bottomless softs, beers and ciders, and coffee options. This is just a small sample of the many options you are given when you enter the ultimate eatery at Taybarns.


The reviews are in, and people love Taybarns! According to Quinns1, “..Came here as a family of 6, very big place, great variety with salads, soups, mains and not to forget the desserts! The prices are great it’s all you can eat with soft drinks too if you choose that option.”  Another satisfied Taybarns customer and states that Taybarns is great food for all the family and loves that there are enough options to make everybody happy.
Having a difficult decision on what to cook tonight? Want to make everybody satisfied for a reasonable price? The choice is simple and delicious. Seven amazing and delicious wonders await you at one fantastic restaurant: Taybarns

For more information about Taybarns, visit their official website.

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