The Most Recommended Family Activities to Experience in David Lloyd Clubs

David Lloyd is one of the most recognized clubs in the world and is the leading gym and activity club in the UK. However, these clubs aren’t just for the retired dads and the rich as they are designed to provide equal amount of fun and excitement for the whole family. If there’s a David Lloyd club nearby, here are a few activities you might want to explore with your whole family in tow.


Tennis is arguably one of the most famous sports in the country, second only to the likes of football (soccer to some) and croquet. David Lloyd Clubs have well over 800 tournament-quality courts, with roughly 400 coaches that can teach you, your wife and your kids the basics and advanced techniques of the game.


There are over 150 indoor and outdoor pools so it is likely that every club you visit there will be one available. The clubs are also known for having some of the best kid-friendly programs such as the swimming activities for kids and even toddlers below 5 years old. The pools are also well heated, which means you’ll be able to work out and have fun without getting a cold.

Fitness Classes

While you’re out there playing tennis your wife and kids can also join the thousands of fitness classes that each club holds. These fitness classes are perfect for members of any age so it doesn’t matter if you’re with your grandma or your grandchildren – all of them can get fit and healthy with these gym activities.

Teenagers Group Exercises - Group Exercises

Speaking of fun activities, David Lloyd has opened a new age group which focuses on group exercises for teenagers aged 14 and above. Some of these activities include boxing merged with fitness training, dancing with the multiple Zumba sessions and even Yoga classes as well.

Weight Loss Program

These clubs are also praised for their weight loss programs so if you need to burn a few pounds off then this is the activity you’ll want to check on. It is designed for individuals and for group sessions as well so it will work whether you’re alone or with your whole family.

You can stay fit and have fun whether you’re on your own or with the entire family. The best part, however, is that there is a wide variety of activities to choose from.

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