Tips on Not Going Nuts Over Chester Zoo Prices

When you’re planning a group tour, the Chester Zoo prices may seem too expensive for everybody in your group to actually come – unless everybody pays for their own admission ticket.

But since children don’t have the financial capacity to pay for their own way, you have to be savvy about the costs. Here’s how you can take the entire family to the Chester Zoo without going bananas over the total costs of a visit.

Avail of the Group Rate

Most zoos in the United Kingdom offer their target visitors group rates. Basically, these are discounted rates for a certain number of people in a group – truly, an effective marketing scheme when zoos want to encourage more people to enjoy the facilities.

In case of the Chester Zoo, you can save up to 30% of the admission fees when you meet two requirements:

  • You book in advance of your visit. You can book at least 2 weeks prior to your planned day of visit. You should also book online, which will also give your group the privilege to beat the queues via the Fast Track admission system.
  • You come in a group of at least 15 people.

This is a popular cost-saving method among large families, scouts organizations, and gardening clubs.  Aside from the discount, your group will enjoy many privileges including:

  • Free maps of the zoo
  • Free all-day coach parking including free admission to the drivers
  • Free familiarization visit as part of planning your visit to the zoo (i.e., two adults only)
  • Risk assessment document and public liability insurance
  • Guided tour
  • Participation in the daily animal talks

The zoo also offers picnic boxes, meal vouchers, and gift sets to order, as well as full access to the dining areas, restrooms, and monorail. Be sure to ask about these matters during the booking process so you can make effective plans for the zoo visit.

Take Advantage of the Zoo’s Attractions

When you have information about the Chester Zoo’s layout, thanks to the maps, you can plan which of the attractions you want to visit. You have to consider the age of the people in your group since kids will likely have different preferences than the adults. Your careful planning means that the day spent at the zoo has been productive for everybody.

A few tips when planning which attractions you will visit:

  • Ask the participants about the animals, among other attractions, that they want to see. You can present them with a list and let them choose from it.
  • Make an itinerary based on the preferred attractions. You want to avoid going round and round the zoo without the next attraction in mind. Otherwise, you will miss out on an anticipated attraction, even have tantrums on your hands.

You should also plan for other things that can cost money while in the zoo. You have to consider bringing along your own lunch and snack boxes, if the zoo allows it, but be sure to tell everybody about the policy on feeding animals.

You must also bring along one or two changes of clothes, as well as wet wipes and towels, for everybody. You don’t want to buy these things at the zoo’s store since it will add to your expenses.

Who says that you have to go nuts over the Chester Zoo prices? You just have to plan well for the zoo visit so that your limited budget will suffice.

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