Top 5 Action Movies of All Time

There probably isn’t another genre that takes us right into the story like action. A fantastic action movie makes people feel the rapid flight of bullets as they whizz past. We find ourselves gripping our seats in a thrilling car chase, rooting for a hero as the villain moves closer and closer for the kill. Here is a list of the best action films of all time, movies that have pushed the envelope for the genre, ask Cineworld.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

James Cameron and Terminator 2: Judgment Day set the stage for what fans should expect from action films in the age of computer graphics. It might surprise people to learn that plenty of this epic action movie’s special effects were actually produced in-camera, not by computer animation.

A helicopter crash took plenty of creativity, for example. Computers were put to great use, however, with the rise of the T-1000, a chilling villain made of liquid mercury. From some of the most unforgettable chase scenes found anywhere to shape-shifting terminators from the future and, of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terminator 2 easily makes this list.

The Matrix

It matters not how people hated the sequels, The Matrix lands a spot in the best action films of all time for much deserved reasons. Original and highly revolutionary, this sci-fi hit pioneered the slow motion action sequence that has been copied relentlessly by succeeding action films.

Coming at the perfect time when the digital age had undoubtedly crept into every average Joe’s daily life, the parallel universe The Matrix created caught everyone’s attention while the movie’s gripping action scenes made it hard to look away.

Die Hard

If you want a gritty no-nonsense action movie, look no farther than Die Hard. This action classic can still compete with the latest and greatest, even over two decades after its release. Follow the tale of John McClane, played by Bruce Willis, as he fights a whole army of German terrorists. Willis’ portrayal of the vulnerable hero adds more depth to the film, projecting an action hero every guy could relate to.

Police Story

You can’t make a list of the best action films of all time and not include one of Jackie Chan’s best. Chan was best known for performing all his own stunts. Watch him dangle off a double-decker bus and execute death-defying leaps from the edge of your seat. Police Story shows Chan’s bravery and chops better than many of his other fantastic works.

First Blood

First Blood - Stallone’s John Rambo is almost synonymous to the phrase “action star”. It’s hard to think of an action hero and not come up with a mental picture of Rambo insanely firing away like a one-man army. Enjoy the thrilling action sequences as well as stunning scenic shots. First Blood has everything an awesome action film has to offer and more.

Bring yourself to another world with the help of a riveting action film at a Cineworld theatre. Find out which action movie will excite your senses this year or enjoy one of these classics.

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