Top 5 Gyms In London For Women

Keeping fit is on everyone’s mind today. Doctors are encouraging us to keep fit, celebrities are encouraging us to keep fit, and we want to keep fit. Fitness First is for everybody, men, women, no matter their professions have to take the state of their bodies seriously. However, when you are a woman sometimes it is hard to find gyms that have women on their minds.

Every gym you see online or in real life seems to be designed with testosterone fueled bodies as the final users. There are not enough lights in the gyms, the music, the instructors, and the men who do not wipe down the equipment after using it. ff of these can be barriers to achieving fitness goals by affecting you mentally and causing you to consciously or unconsciously lose interest in the whole concept of fitness.

Fear not, for the following list while not comprehensive offers you a list of gyms that has facilities that will please you and enable you achieve your goals.

Virgin Active

This is a gym dedicated to excellence in everything that they do. They have well trained instructors, who cater to your individual needs based on your body type, metabolic rate and the fact that you are a woman. While their facilities cater to both men and women, you will never feel the neglect that a lot of other gyms expose women to.


This is a gym with women on its mind. Gymophobics is designed around women who may have confidence issues, or who may have difficulty losing weight. This can make you scared of joining a gym, because you do not want other people to see you that way.

Because of the fear that many women fear, a woman intervened. The concepts and exercises employed in Gymophobics was created by a woman for women. Go to Gymophobics and watch yourself slim down in an environment where there is no shame, but a lot of support.

Westway Womens World - Women’s World

Westway Women’s world is located the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. It is a gym that caters to females over the age of 14, and offers activities exclusively for women every day except Saturday. You can engage in a round of Tennis on Monday, some social climbing on Wednesday and with gym activities every other fay of the week.

In a very woman-centric environment like this there is no need to be intimidated by men and all their growling and sweating. Westway allows women to be themselves, and still achieve their fitness goals. Other facilities such as a steam room and sauna are available.

Zahra Gym

Zahra is a women’s only gym that allows women to get their fitness on without the pressure of working out with women. The gym is fully equipped, has lots of exercise classes, and also offers spa services. Plus it has a female only staff.

Fitness First

Fitness First gyms are designed to cater the fast paced life. Opening late into the night for working women, and for those with irregular schedules. These gyms offer facilities that cater to women’s needs, such as spa treatments, diet plans and cleaning facilities that ensure you never have to worry about that sweaty bench again.

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