Top 5 Movies to Make You Laugh This Year

Everyone likes a good laugh and there’s no easier way to tickle your funny bone than by enjoying a comedy flick. Kick up your feet and relax with your favourite people while watching the most hilarious movies of 2015.

The Wedding Ringer

A very socially inept Doug is a couple of weeks away from marrying his girlfriend but since his list of friends is a sad story he lacks a groomsman for the big day. This is where Jimmy, the owner of Best Man Inc., comes in. Played by comedian Kevin Hart, Jimmy runs a business that provides a best man – and groomsmen – if you need one.

Doug tries to convince his family that Jimmy is the real deal and hilarity ensues. If you think you’d love to see a bromance comedy with plenty of heart, The Wedding Ringer is a great find.

Unfinished Business - Business

Vince Vaugh stars in Unfinished Business, a comedy involving an overworked businessman, played by Vaughn, who travels to Germany with his two employees, both a bit low on the IQ scale. What should have been a boring business trip turns into a mad adventure. From a huge sex fetish convention to a violent political protest, the trio soon finds they are in over their heads.

Pitch Perfect 2

This sequel to the 2012 hit about an all-girl acapella group is bound to please fans of the first film and musical comedies. A hilarious and very embarrassing mishap that takes place at the very beginning of the film propels the girls into an unforeseen direction, one that threatens the very existence of their award-winning singing group.

They have to take on a rival German group and win first place in an international singing contest if they want to bring honour back to their name. Can their friendship survive the competition and the misadventures of Fat Amy? The entire original cast returns to Pitch Perfect 2.


A dorky CIA analyst has to work in the field for the very first time in order to locate the criminal who ambushed a colleague. Fans of Jason Statham will love his portrayal of the cocky colleague while Jude Law’s performance as a suave spy will entertain female audience.

Spy reminds us why spy comedies used to be major hits. If you love some action with your laughs then this movie is for you. Its original storyline and excellent choice of actors make this one of the top comedies to see in 2015.


The HBO hit TV series makes it to the big screen with the film version of Entourage. It takes off where the TV show’s eight seasons end. Hollywood star Vincent is once more followed around by his crew as they deal with the neurotic yet oh-so lovable Ari Gold and Hollywood politics and BS. Billy Bob Thornton graces the film, playing a film investor who has too much money but not enough time so he sends his spoiled and ridiculously annoying son to deal with Vince and his crew. Haley Joel Osment of Sixth Sense fame plays the son while Liam Neeson and Jessica Alba have cameos. Entourage stays true to the spirit and humour of the TV series.

Get your loved ones out for some laughs at an Odeon theatre. Don’t miss out on any of the good times and enjoy the best comedy films 2015 has to offer.

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