Top 6 Animation Films of All Time

Animation movies aren’t just for children. Adults and kids alike enjoy the best animation movies. And why not? The best ones are filled with unforgettable characters, plenty of heart and packed with action and laughs.

There are dozens of fantastic animation movies. It wasn’t an easy feat putting together a list of the best ones. Hand-selecting the animation films with the best stories – those that leave a lasting impression on the heart and soul – here is the final list.


Disney’s 1940 classic had to be on this list. Who can forget Pinocchio’s conscience Jiminy Cricket and the sublime song When You Wish Upon A Star? From monstrous whales to adventures with the carnival, the little puppet who dreamed of becoming a real boy paints a tale that delights audiences everywhere, no matter how old.

Spirited Away

Many don’t realize that Hayao Miyazaki’s utterly unique and lovable film Spirited away is the most successful movie in Japanese history. It grossed over $300 million worldwide and is loved by both fans and critics. The compelling tale involves Hiragi, a serious 10-year-old girl who accidentally enters an extremely fascinating spirit world.

Toy Story

This simple tale has everyone falling in love with its characters and story. The unforgettable personalities include toys owned by a little boy named Andy while the main storyline revolves around the friendship between a vintage pull-string cowboy toy called Woody and a more modern astronaut action figure that goes by the name Buzz Lightyear. Toy Story delivers lots of laughs, action scenes and heart.

Iron GiantIron Giant

Created by the same talented director, Brad Bird, who made The Incredibles and Rataouille, Iron Giant is a wonderful adaptation of a children’s story from the sixties called The Iron Man. The movie tells the tale of a little boy named Hogarth who finds a metal giant in his town. Hogarth later on discovers that the giant is from outer space and spends his time fighting to keep the giant safe from the military who wants to destroy it. The film’s humour is intelligent and the plot is sure to tug at even the toughest heartstrings.

Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, a stop motion musical released in 1993, involves a certain unforgettable character known as Jack Skellington. Skellington opens a portal to what’s known as “Christmas Town” and discovers a holiday he would much rather celebrate than Halloween, which has grown boring for him.

The story came from a poem Burton wrote in the early eighties, a time when the now-famous director worked as an animator for Disney. The studio was initially sceptical, fearing that the story might be too dark for children. The Nightmare Before Christmas proved them wrong, garnering both critical and financial successes.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The oldest surviving full-length animation film of all time – the first one, a 1917 Argentinean movie called 7 El Apóstol, was destroyed – Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs took years and millions of dollars to produce. The studio was worried about the audience’s reception to an animation film that runs an hour and a half long. To say that the gamble paid off is an understatement.

Not only was the film a huge financial hit, Disney developed a genre without any model to copy, paving the way for the future success and growth of all other animated films to come.

Each year there are new animation movies that showcase ever improving animation techniques. Enjoy animation films at a Cineworld theatre nearby. Bring out the little boy or girl in you and take a trip to animation-land.

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