Trending Hairstyles for Fall/Winter 2015

As the seasons are changing, the trends in fashion and design are changing too. When you watch fashion shows, you can see that not only the clothes have changed; there are also changes in the models’ hairstyles. From Louis Vuitton to Versace to Saint Laurent, models proudly showcased different hairstyles on the run way. Here are the trending hairstyles for fall/winter 2015:

  • Big Bangs – No matter what hairstyle you have right now, you can have a completely different look by having a new set of personalized bangs. Bangs can give you an innocent or child-like look. If you want to have bangs but you are afraid to chop your hair, you can try having faux bangs.Big Bangs
  • Fun Twists – From the classic French twist to the
    movie inspired ponytail twists, you can find lots of twists in the runways this season. The French twist today is usually done with a messier look. On the other hand, ponytail twists are done with a clean, simple look.
  • Top Buns – You can choose from placing all of your hair at the top or letting some part of your hair flow down your shoulders. You can do this style at home daily especially when you have a bad hair day or when you do not want your hair to get in your way when you are busy.
  • Afro Look – From small crimp to messy curls, models showcased different afro inspired looks. This style takes time to do, but if done correctly, it can be a head turner.
  • Faux Bobs – Short haircuts like bob or apple cuts are still hot today. However, if you are afraid to cut your hair, you can opt for a faux bob style. This can easily be done by tying the lower half of your hair and hiding it beneath the upper half. This can give you a new look without changing your hair completely. You can simply go back to your original style anytime you want.
  • Colorful Accessories – If cutting or dyeing your hair is not an option for you, you can simply put accessories in your hair to achieve a new look. From leather headbands to colorful flowers, there are lots of accessories available. You can choose one depending on the clothes that you are wearing or the image that you want to portray. Flower accessories give a girly and carefree look, while leather accessories give a sleek, disciplined look.

There are many options in the hairstyle trends this season. If you are attending an event and you want to use one of the styles mentioned above, you can ask the stylist from Rush Hair to help you achieve the look that you want.

There are also some styles that you can try to do in your own home daily. There are many tutorials online that can help you copy the hairstyles step by step. You do not have to be a professional. You just need some tools and a little creativity to achieve the look that you want and release your inner fashionista spirit.

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