Turtle Bay Prices

The Best Caribbean Restaurant & Bar in Britain

The recent years have brought an influx of a few Caribbean themed restaurants in the UK. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, though, as a lot of Britons love the tropical cuisine as the food reminds them of how much they enjoyed their holiday. Turtle Bay is one of the Caribbean themed restaurants that are making a buzz as of late and catching the attention of diners who want to try something new.

Below are the estimated Turtle Bay prices:



Pulled Pork Salad£5.10
Jerk Chicken Wings£5.10
Sweet Corn Fritters£5.10
Jerk Glazed Ribs£5.10
Beef Patty£5.10
Chilli Squid£5.10
Jerk Pit Prawns£5.95
Island Bait£5.10
Duck Roll£5.10
Hot Hot Pepper Roti£5.10
Bridgetown Doubles£5.10
Garlic 'N' Herb Flatbread£5.10
Beach Food Platter£12.95

Lunch 'N' Lighter

Mango & Goats' Cheese Salad£9.50
Chicken Festival Salad£9.50
Grilled King Prawn Salad£9.50
Kingston Salmon Toastie£7.00
Kingston Chicken Toastie£7.00
Kingston Pulled Pork Toastie£7.00
Jerk Chicken Wrap£7.00
Prawn & Mango Wrap£7.00
Goats' Cheese & Fresh Mango or jerk Chicken Flatbread£7.00
Pulled Pork Bun£7.00
Jerk Chicken Bun£7.00
Street Burger£8.50
1/4 Jerk Chicken£7.00

One Pot

Curry, Shrimp & Mango£9.70
Trinidad Curry Chicken£9.70
Jamaican Browned Chicken£9.70
Run Down£9.70
Caribbean Curry Fish£9.70
Our Curry Goat£9.70
Curry Pork Cheeks£10.70
Jerk Chicken£10.10
Jerk Salmon£12.50
Jerk Ribs£12.50
BBQ Pork Belly£12.50
Mo' Bay Chicken£10.10
Double Dipped Steak£14.95
Goat Burger£12.50
Grilled Lamb Steak£12.50
West Indian Steamed Fish£12.50


Spiced Chocolate Pot£4.85
Banana & Toffee Cheesecake£4.85
BBQ Pineapple£4.85
Zesty Lemon & Lime Tart£4.85
Dark Chocolate Brownie£4.85
Caymanas Rum Cake£4.85
Rum & Raisin Bread Pudding£4.85

A Little Background

Founded in 2011 by Las Iguanas’ main man Ajith Jaya-Wickrema, Turtle Bay is one of the first Caribbean themed casual dining restaurant chains in the UK. Like Las Iguanas, it was created to bring regional cuisine more accessible to those who crave for them, adopting the dishes into versions that are more palatable to the British taste buds.

What Sets Them Apart

While the competition is growing in UK’s Caribbean cuisine scene, Turtle Bay still manages to stand on its own and offer the following unique traits to consumers:

  1. It’s more easily accessible. Being a restaurant chain, it already has several locations around the the country so there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to chance upon one. So, the next time you crave for some jerk pit bbq, you can easily find what your tummy desires.
  2. Their food is authentically Caribbean, but tweaked to suit your taste. If you haven’t tried Caribbean cuisine before, you might feel a bit daunted by their strong flavor. This wouldn’t be a problem at Turtle Bay, though, as their menu items are cooked with the British palate in mind.
  3. Their locations are right in the busier parts of the city without being in the most intrusive areas. Some folks also remark on how well chosen Turtle Bay stores are located, as they’re easy to reach and near everything without it being a hassle to go to. This makes them the perfect locations for grabbing some bites and drinks.
  4. Beautiful interiors. Stepping into one of Turtle Bay’s stores feels like you’re on a tropical beach holiday as the interiors bring the sunny beaches in the little pockets of UK.

Why You Should Dine Here

If you want to get started in exploring Caribbean cuisine, the Turtle Bay should be one of your stops. They offer exquisite menu items that will transport you to the shores of Jamaica and other Caribbean beaches, so you can enjoy a bit of sunshine even in the middle of January.