Vue Cinema Prices

A worldwide operator and developer of modern, innovative multiplex cinemas

Like most theaters in the UK, Vue Cinema does not restrict themselves to simply showing mainstream blockbusters. On their website, film-goers can check the “Event Cinema” tab to find the other current offerings – from plays to documentaries to concerts. For their film-showings, Vue also offers special screenings for particular audiences.

Below are the estimated Vue Cinema prices:



Standard Seating

Senior £6.29
All Inclusive Family£35.80
Family X4£25.16

VIP Seating

All Inclusive Family£41.96
Family X4£27.96

3D Movies

Standard Seating

Senior £6.59
All Inclusive Family£40.36
Family X4£26.36
3D Glasses+£1.00

VIP Seating

All Inclusive Family£48.36
Family X4£34.36


Senior £11.99
All Inclusive Family£55.20
Family X4£39.16

Vue Cinema was formed in 2003 after a successful acquisition of Warner Village Cinemas in the UK. Now, the company operates 187 multiplex cinemas throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Italy, and Taiwan. Vue Cinemas has grown both through business acquisitions and new openings. The corporate side of the business has won several accolades for service and innovations. The cinemas offer stadium screens, with wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling views; Sony 4k digital projectors; RealD 3D screens; and VueXtreme screens, with extra-large formats including sound and vision.

They also have VIP seats, with luxurious seats and good views; 3D screenings, with the opportunity to purchase a pair of reusable 3D glasses to reduce waste; 18+ screenings for viewers who wish to watch action films undisturbed by younger film-goers; “Scene” screening at the Westfield location, which includes large luxurious reclining seats, a private bar, concierge, and cloakroom service; family value packages, which can save 20% on all-inclusive packages; Kids AM screenings on weekends for a very low price, where children and adults pay the same; senior screenings for audiences over 60, including a cup of tea and a biscuit; Super Tuesday savings, where members can save up to 1/3 off of their ticket price; VueXtreme screenings, with screens boasted to be twice the size of a double-decker bus ; and other offers. Vue also accepts Nectar points in increments of 500 for discounts. Friends of film-lovers can also invest in a Vue gift card to provide the perfect gift.

Vue Cinemas shares the dream of all cinemas to provide the ultimate cinema experience. One of the ways they seek to fulfill this dream is to inform the movie-goer about their choices in as much detail as possible. They not only post movie synopses, posters, and trailers, but also post links to critic reviews and display user ratings and reviews. This allows the customer a chance to really look into what they want to spend their money on, even if everyone’s opinions are different and one’s review might be the opposite of another’s experience.

For additional information on Vue Cinema, visit their official website.

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