When Vue Cinema Ticket Prices Apply to Non-movies Entertainment

Since the introduction of the Kinetoscope by Thomas Edison more than 120 years ago, the movie theatres have become more than just places for watching classic and contemporary movies.

Nowadays, the Vue cinema ticket prices also apply to other forms of entertainment that can be shown on the big screen! Let’s take a look at the non-movies entertainment now available in Vue cinemas across the United Kingdom.

The Thrills of Live Theatre on the Big Screen

The live theatre scene in the United Kingdom remains alive and well even with the advent of large multiplex cinemas – and we’re more than thankful for it because of the wide range of choices. But why not combine the two forms of entertainment? The result: Live theatre shows that moviegoers can enjoy along with the people on Broadway!

In many Vue cinemas, patrons can enjoy theatre productions of The Royal Shakespeare Company, the Globe, and the National Theatre in the comfort of their upholstered seats with their food and drinks within easy reach.  The live theatre productions include Yerma by the National Theatre and the Twelfth Night by The Royal Shakespeare Company, both of which are well-loved among theatre fans.

You can choose whether to see the live showings, which are broadcasted live as the production happens on stage, or the encore showings that have been taped. Keep in mind that there are no trailers, adverts and interruptions during the live showings so be prompt!

The Drama of the Opera on the Big Screen

The opera also has its fans and we’re not surprised. The allure of the opera remains among contemporary audiences, thanks to its universal themes of the human experience, its soaring orchestral music, and its spectacular sets.

When you see operatic productions on the big screen, you will be transported to another world where happiness and sadness are exaggerated. You will even find yourself participating in a standing ovation although you know that the actors can’t see its audience.

The Vue cinemas broadcast live shows and encore shows from operatic productions mounted by the Metropolitan Opera, the Royal Opera House, and Opera Australia. The shows include Der Rosenkavalier by the Met Opera and Otello by the Royal Opera.

The Beauty of Ballet on the Big Screen

Amidst the emergence of contemporary dance forms, such as hip hop, the beauty of ballet continues to draw in audiences. But since many people may not be in proximity to ballet houses, the movie theatres are the next best choice – or perhaps the best choice because you all have the best seat in the house! You can see the ballet dancers gracefully performing their arabesques and pirouettes even when you’re farthest away from the screen.

You can also choose between the live showings and the encore showings of ballet productions from The Royal Ballet, the foremost ballet company in the United Kingdom as well as among the best in the world. You have several choices, too, from the classics like Swan Lake and Nutcracker to the contemporary favorites like Manon and Bernstein Triple Bill.

Indeed, movie theatres aren’t just for movies anymore! These are also places to watch and enjoy the best in live theatre, opera, and ballet productions. Be sure to check out the Vue cinema ticket prices on these shows along with the ones for the movies.

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