Warm-Ups: A Must to Maximize Your Time at a Nuffield Gym

Many people will almost immediately plunge into their main exercises without performing warm-up exercises first, partly because of the desire to maximize the time spent at a Nuffield Gym. This is not advisable because warm-ups are a must in reducing the risks for injury during cardio and strength training exercises – the gentle stretching movements stretch the muscles, increase the blood circulation, and warm up the body in preparation for more strenuous activities.

Since warm-up exercises are about efficiency – achieving the goals with a minimum amount of time, energy and effort – you can keep these tips from the experts in mind.

Keep It Dynamic

Start with dynamic movements since these will jumpstart your metabolism. Your best bets are lateral squats, forward lunges, arm circles, and hand walks. You can then move into three sets of 15-yard linear skips and three sets of 15-yard Cariocas for the finish.

Jumping Your Way to FitnessJumping Your Way to Fitness - PriceGuideLady.co.uk

If various movements are not in your list today, you can stick to a simple yet effective movement – jumping rope. In fact, 5 minutes of continuous jumping at a mild to brisk pace will suffice as your warm-up routine. You must, however, also perform stretching exercises for at least 2 minutes especially on your legs.

Plus, you can also consider a 5-minute brisk jumping rope routine as your main exercise! You may adapt it as part of your high-intensity interval training, too.

Listen to Music

Your warm-up exercises will be more enjoyable, not to mention groovier, when you listen to music. You can choose any music, of course, but you can start with oldies but goodies like AC/DC, Queen, and even Bee Gees for as long as the songs set your mind on the right track.

Other tips include performing jumping jacks, which work the legs, core muscles, and heart simultaneously; using swinging movements like arm circles, cross-body leg swings, and straight leg march; and mimicking animals like in a crab walk, frog jumps, and spider crawl.

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