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Wetherspoon’s offers a full menu for all meals. All options are listed online with nutritional information. One particularly interesting features of the online menus is the ability for those on diets or with dietary restrictions to see every menu option that will work for them and prepare their order before heading to the pub. They also list the allergens in their drinks, as well.

Below is a table containing an estimated menu prices:

Food Price

Gourmet Burgers & Sandwiches

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich£6.29
BBQ Hog Burger£6.29
Tennessee Burger£6.29
Mexican Burger£6.29
Original Gourmet Beef Burger£6.29
Original Gourmet Chicken Burger£6.29


Cheddar Cheese£1.00
BBQ Sauce£1.15
Bacon with Cheddar Cheese£1.20
Sautéed Onion 50p

Burgers and Dogs

Classic Hot Dog£5.39
BBQ Hot Dog£6.29
Classic 6 oz Burger£6.29
Vegetable Burger£6.29
Chicken Breast Burger£6.29
Skinny Chicken Burger£6.29


Side Salad£1.25
Bowl of Chips£2.79
Two mini corns-on-the-cob99p
Half Rack of BBQ pork ribs£3.00

Chicken & Ribs

Chicken & Rib COmbo£8.09
Chicken & Pepper Skewers£6.09
Half Rack of BBQ Pork RIbs£5.59
Peri-Peri Roast Half Chicken£7.49

Dishes Under 500 Calories

Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese &Rocket Bagel£5.99
Jacket Potato £4.60
Pasta Pomodoro£5.59
Chicken Caesar Salad£5.79
Salmon Salad£6.99
Superfood Pasta£6.09
Freedom Salad£5.59
Curry Club Thurdays£7.15


Warm Chocolate Fudge Cake£4.55
British Bramley Apple Crumble£3.70
Tropical Fruit and Ice Cream£2.99
Eli's Salted Caramel Cheesecake£2.09
Ice Cream Sundae£3.29
Belgian Waffle with Ice Cream£3.80
Carrot Cake£2.49


Large Breakfast£5.29
Traditional Breakfast£4.29
Large Vegetarian Breakfast£5.29
Vegetarian Breakfast£4.29
Children's Breakfast£2.60
Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Bagel£3.29

Breakfast Deals

Bagel with Cream Cheese£2.29
Bacon Butty£3.49
Tropical Fruit and Organic£3.49
Greek-style Yoghurt with Honey£3.49
MOMA! Porridge£3.49
French Toast£4.49
Granola Breakfast Cup£4.49
Eggs Benedict£4.49
Continental Breakfast£4.99
Eggs Royale£4.99

Hot Drinks & Smoothie

Freshly Brewed Filter-Coffee£1.88
Cappuciano, Latte, Mocha, Espresso£2.25
Hot Chocolate£2.35
Naked Blue Machine Smoothie£2.49
Coffee & Cake £2.49

Starters & Shares

Nachos (add BBQ pulled pork 1.75)£5.70


Whiteshire Cured Ham & Cheese Panini£5.99
Cheese & Tomato Panini£5.99
BBQ Chicken, Bacon & Cheese Panini£5.99
Club Sandwich£5.99
Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese & Rocket Bagel£5.99

Pub Classics

Ploughman's Platter£8.60
British Beef & Ale Pie£8.60
British Pulled Beef Chilli Con Carne£6.60
Lincolnshare Sausages, Mash and Peas£7.29
Salmon Fillet£8.50
Jackey Potato£4.60
Chicken Tikka Masala£7.89
Sweet Potato, Chickpea & Spinach Curry£7.89

Salads & Pastas

Freedom Salad£5.59
Pasta Alfredo£6.09
Pasta Pomodoro£5.59
Superfood Pasta£6.09
Chicken Caesar Salad£5.79
Salmon Salad£6.99

J D Wetherspoon first opened in 1979, named for the pop-culture sheriff in Dukes of Hazzard and an inspiring teacher. Founder and Chairman Tim Martin passed the barrister exam at age 24 before promptly changing his mind and moving to open a pub. In 1983, the Rochester Castle opened – now JDW’s oldest pub.

Through the years, the company has grown to over 700 Wetherspoon pubs, a few hotels, and Lloyd’s No.1 Bar. They offer free Wi-Fi in all of their establishments. To this day, Wetherspoon’s and its affiliates adhere to Martin’s belief in a strong customer focus and an inability to stay still. Martin himself is known to visit various locations to check on things and speak with customers.

Wetherspoon’s commitment expands beyond their client base to the environment itself. They are committed to reusing, reducing, and recycling, even posting their Greenhouse Gas emissions on their website. While they realize that energy consumption in a business is unavoidable, they are doing their best to come up with ways to reduce said usage.

They welcome customer ideas, as well, placing a comments/suggestion box on their website for submissions. The ideas aren’t limited to environmental stability – Wetherspoon’s loves to hear from their customers about anything related to the pub, hotel, or bar.

In addition to the environment, Wetherspoon’s also gives back through charity work. The pub company works closely with CLIC Sargent, a charity for children with cancer. The partnership began in 2002, and since then the Wetherspoon’s company has raised over ten million pounds.

Fundraising takes place through direct donation, events, and challenges, and funds raised are used for taking care of the children and their families by providing supports, time away, and places to stay during treatment. More information can be found on J D Wetherspoon’s website, including a breakdown of where all the money goes.

TripAdvisor reveals that customers are liking what Wetherspoon’s has to offer. With a four star rating average and several “excellent” listings, customers are raving about great prices, great tastes, and great experiences. Reviewers on Yelp are fairly close, with a three-and-a-half star rating averageBelow are the estimated Weatherspoon prices:

For additional information about Weatherspoon, visit their official website.

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