Welsh Mountain Zoo Prices

For families who are looking for some fun activities on a day out while in the Conwy County of Wales, the Welsh Mountain Zoo is a great destination that the whole family will surely enjoy. Open all year round, except on Christmas Day, this zoo is certainly one of the best stops in the area.

Below are the latest Welsh Mountain Zoo prices.

Type Price

Standard Admission

With Gift Aide

Adult (+16 years)£6.05
Children (3-15 Years)£4.55
Family Ticket (2 Adults & 2 Children)£19.05
Seniors £5.35
Under 3FREE

Standard Admission

Without Gift Aide

Adult (+16 years)£5.47
Children (3-15 Years)£4.12
Family Ticket (2 Adults & 2 Children)£17.27

Under 3FREE

A Little Background

Founded in 1963 by naturalist and wildlife enthusiast Robert Jackson, the Welsh Mountain Zoo covers 37 acres of land area above the Colwyn Bay. This gives the zoo some stunning panoramic views where you can feel so at home with nature, complete with a series of animals that you won’t see on a regular day.

What Sets Them Apart

While some people aren’t too impressed with the amount of land area the Welsh Mountain Zoo covers, it has other great things to offer to guests. A lot of which are unrivalled by other zoos in the country, making this park stand out in its own ways. So, what sets them apart? Here are some answers.

  1. They have a different vibe. The zoo is connected by wooded pathways, complemented with grassy slopes, and breathaking scenery that is pretty uncommon for zoos to have. Unlike other zoos that feature stone trails that lead to various enclosures, you’ll feel really close to nature at this venue with its green grassy fields and views of rolling hills and the Colwyn Bay.
  1. They have a number of educational programmes that are available to everyone. Their learning sessions can accommodate all ages, while their Young Zoologist Days Summer Program is open for young people who are interested in knowing more about animal behaviors and characteristics.
  1. They’re housing a number of unique animals. These include snow leopards, red-necked wallabies, grey plantain-eaters, Andean condors, Chilean flamingoes, snapping turtles, and red ear terrapins among others.
  1. They have a farm where kids can get to know farm animals like chickens, ducks, and turkeys. They also feature a series of other domesticated animals here like rabbits and guinea pigs.
  1. They also feature a garden filled with collections of different plants, some of which are even rare and endangered. This makes the Welsh Mountain Zoo a complete destination for those who want to get to know more about a wide array of wildlife.

Why You Should Visit

All of the things listed above can be enough to coax you out to North Wales, but if you’re looking for another reason to visit the Welsh Mountain Zoo, you might be convinced by their friendly entrance rates. Kids under 3 can get in for free, so it can be a good and budget-friendly way to bond with your little ones.

For more information, please visit their official site.