What Dieters Should Order at TGIFridays

It’s a common fact that TGIFriday’s isn’t exactly a wellness restaurant. It’s actually more of a modern bar than a restaurant, perfect for loud, fun dinners with cocktails and friends who love some good time. It’s the perfect joint for pre-gaming right before you hit the club, so dieters aren’t really their target market.

Founded in the US in 1965, TGIFridays is the quintessential American casual dining spot that takes bar chow up a notch and great cocktails to get your evening started. They offer savory, greasy dishes, ideal for lining your stomach with much needed fats to let you drink a good deal afterwards.

So, what should a dieter order if they’ve been dragged by friends in this lovely restaurant? Here are some low-calorie options that won’t ruin your weight loss regime.

Taquito Bites with Fire Roasted Veg

Described as “lightly grilled tortillas” with fire roasted seasonal vegetables, this appetizer is basically composed of seared vegetables in a flatbread. A vegetarian menu option, you can start your meal by sharing this app with friends and start to feel a bit full.

Smoked Tomato Bruschetta

Bruschettas are relatively low-cal foods, so they can be your top choice for an antipasto on an outing at TGIFridays. The only things that added some calories here is the smoked oil and mozzarella. They’re still pretty great for keeping your calorie-intake for the meal, though.

8-oz Sirloin Angus Steak with House Salad and Your Choice of Sauce

What the main entree makes up for the calories, it actually makes up for protein. This steak may have over 400 calories, but it also has 35g of protein, making it good for your healthier and more active lifestyle.

Skinny Blackberry MargaritaSkinny Blackberry Margarita - PriceGuideLady.co.uk

What’s a trip to TGIFriday’s if you’re not going to down some cocktails? The great thing with bars nowadays is that they are also able to offer low-calorie drinks for those who want to get buzzed without piling on the calories into their system, so you can always have a few drinks even while you’re trying to control your portions and lose weight. The Skinny Blackberry Margarita only has 130 calories, so you can be at peace with having a few drinks despite your diet.

Honestly, why don’t you indulge your cravings a little on your trip to TGIFridays? As cravings can be worse for your diet than having a cheat day, so why don’t you give yourself a break on a night out with friends? You can always work extra harder at the gym later to burn all of the extra calories you’ve stuffed yourself with anyways.

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