Whipsnade Zoo Prices

Learn why the Whipsnade Zoo might just be one of the best zoos in the UK.

Best known as the largest zoo in the United Kingdom, the Whipsnade Zoo is a zoo and safari park covering 600 acres in Whipsnade, near Dunstable in Bedfordshire. It is owned by the Zoological Society of London, alongside with the ZSL London Zoo.

Below are the estimated ticket prices of Whipsnade Zoo.

Type Price

Regular Ticket

Children (3-15 years)£15.00
Children under 3 yearsFREE
Online family offer (2 adults + 2 children)£58.08
Online family offer (1 adult + 3 children)£58.08

Group Rates

Groups of 10+ save 25% on advance tickets and 15% at the gate

A Little Background

The Whipsnade Zoo traces its roots back to 1931 when it was opened by the Zoological Society of London after is secretary, Sir Peter Chalmers Mitchell was inspired by the Bronx Zoological Park to create a park/conservation centre of the same kind in Britain. Originally known as the Whipsnade Wild Animal Park, it became the first open zoo in Europe that’s easily accessible, making it an instant hit among visitors.

During the World War II, the zoo functioned as a refuge for animals evacuated from the Regents Park London Zoo. It also got bombed during the war and some of the ponds in the park are actually made from bomb craters.

What Sets Them Apart

What makes the Whipsnade Zoo different from others? Here’s a short list to answer that question:

  1. It’s also a safari park so you’ll have to ride a vehicle to view certain areas and enclosures. You can choose to drive your own car through the park yourself, ride the service shuttle, or take the train service, “Jumbo Express”.
  1. They have more than 2,500 animals. That’s a great lot that you won’t find in another zoo in the UK. They also have the largest herd of Asian elephants in the UK, which is pretty nice as elephants like to live in big groups.
  1. You can stay for the night inside the zoo by booking a room at the Lookout Lodge. This takes the safari park experience up a notch as you get to sleep next to white rhinos without having to travel far.
  1. They have an exhibit of creatures that once lived in the UK hundreds of years ago. Learn some natural history in the zoo’s Wild Wild Whipsnade exhibit.
  1. You can be a keepeer for a day. Get real upclose and personal with the most popular animals at the Whipsnade Zoo by signing up with their Keeper for a Day experience.

Why You Should Visit

There are so many things to experience at the Whipsnade Zoo, making a visit here definitely worth your while. Activities are greatly varied and there are lots of animals to see. It’s also a nice touch that you can drive your vehicle through the park as if you’re really on a safari vacation.


For more information, please visit their official website.