Wing Wah Prices

Come to the Wing Wah restaurants in the United Kingdom and fly on the wings of culinary delights like only the chain can offer.


Lau Pui Ling established Wing Wah in 1950 as an establishment that manufactured and sold mooncakes. In 1962, it was incorporated and its expansion plans soon followed with the first branch opening in 1967. In the 1970s, the company expanded into the international market including the United Kingdom.

Below are the estimated Wing Wah prices:


Lunch Buffet 12pm-3pm


Mon. - Sat.£7.99

Child (<1.4m)

Mon. - Sat. £3.99
Sun £3.99



Sun. - Thurs. £12.99
Fri. - Sat.£13.99

Child (<1.4m)

Sun. - Thurs. £6.99
Fri. - Sat.£6.99

Hot Pot


Sun. - Thurs.£16.99
Fri. - Sat.£17.99

Child (<1.4m)

Sun. - Thurs.£7.99
Fri. - Sat.£7.99

What Sets Them Apart

Wing Wah is most renowned for its range of delicious mooncakes especially the Icy Moon Cake Series. Other popular items include flavorful Chinese preserved sausages, teas, and cakes including wedding cakes, as well as seasonal food that customer snap up like the proverbial pancakes.

Why Dine Here

True to its Chinese roots, each of the Wing Wah restaurants are designed in the Chinese style, such as the pagoda, with strong oriental artistic elements balanced by contemporary design aesthetics.

You will immediately be drawn into the spacious interiors with its bright, lively and relaxes ambiance where couples, groups and families appear to enjoy their mouthwatering meals.

Your first impressions will definitely be good ones especially when you first bite into the satisfying bean curd cubes, which have been crisp-coated, fried, and served with slivers of red chili.

Nice Additions

The basket of dim sum is a must – beautiful dumplings filled with your choice of scallops, pork, or prawns that explode in delicious flavours in the mouth, not to mention that these were properly chewy instead of squishy.

The char siu pork, a classic Cantonese dish made from a joints marinated in a blend of honey, spices, and flavourings before being grilled, is simply heavenly with its layers of flavors with each bite.

Don’t forget to order the sea bass with chili sauce – a generous serving of plump fish cooked to perfection so that its pearly white flesh was succulent while the chili sauce was just the right level of spiciness. You don’t even have to worry about the fine bones as your server will remove the bones and head from the fish, thus, making it easier to enjoy.

Save Your Bucks

Its affordable prices for the buffet are also a main draw for its diners, many of whom are of Chinese ethnicity while most simply love Chinese dishes and desserts. Its hot pots are also among the most popular items because of their comfort food quality while its cocktail drinks are great for the appetite, too.

As for the service, the wait staff are friendly, efficient and attentive to the needs of customers. You cannot go wrong at Wing Wah!