Wing Wah

If you ever crave for a whole lot of Chinese chow, one of the most popular places to visit is Wing Wah. This renowned buffet chain is one of the well-loved family restaurants in the UK. Especially if you’re a bit famished, you can get a good fill for a decent price in this eatery.


Operating in various locations around the UK for nearly two decades now, Wing Wah may be serving foreign cuisine, but it has definitely carved a spot for itself in every community it’s in. Every Wing Wah location is packed with diners, enjoying hefty platefuls upon platefuls of the tastiest pan-Asian delicacies.

The first Wing Wah restaurant was opened in Birmingham in 1997. It’s spectacular architecture and interior design definitely help the restaurant attract diners and their tantalizing dishes made them come back for more.

Today, Wing Wah has three locations in the UK: Birmingham, Burton, and Coventry. They’re almost always packed, so make sure to book a table in advance.

What They are Famous For

As mentioned earlier, Wing Wah restaurants are always teeming with diners lining up for some great chow. If you’ve never tried eating here, you might not know why people flock to this Chinese buffet, so to give you some idea why they’re so popular, here are the top 2 things they’re famous for.

  1. The place is definitely an Eastern Kingdom wonderland.why-dine-here-priceguidelady-co-uk

Everything about the Wing Wah restaurants are made to give you a taste of the Chinese culture – from the venue itself to the food. The Birmingham branch is basically a landmark as it is designed as a Chinese pagoda. It’s as magnificent in the inside as it is on the outside, making you feel like you’ve stepped into a whole new different world even if you’ve just stepped off the City Centre a few minutes ago

The Coventry branch is more of a representation of a modern Chinese city, so expect to see contemporary interiors with a Chinese twist. It’s beautiful and awe-inspiring, from the decor to the meals.

  1. The food is always great.

A lot of people expect buffets to prioritize quantity over quality, but this isn’t the case at Wing Wah. They serve the most delectable dishes no matter how swamped they are with guests. As they’re also always brimming with diners, you can also be guaranteed that the food is always fresh.

Why Dine Here

Authentic Pan Asian cuisine may be easily available in the UK, but not all of them are as affordable as Wing Wah’s offers. This, and the fact that their food is great, should make you head to one of their branches today.

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