Woburn Safari Park Prices

Unless you are fortunate enough to live on the African Savannah, there are very few among us that have the opportunity to see such magnificent animals as White Rhinoceros or Tigers outside of a typical local zoo. Thanks to the dedicated conservation efforts of The Wouburn Safari Park, many more people will be able to enjoy the thrilling, once-in-a-lifetime experience of seeing these animals, and many others, in a beautiful, natural, thriving environment. It is an experience that shouldn’t be missed.

Below are the estimated Woburn Safari Park prices:


Ticket Type

Adult 15-59


Child 3-15


Toddler 2 years and under


Senior 60+


Concession Tickets (Gate Only)


Family Tickets

1 Adult + 2 Children£48.99
2 Adults + 2 Children£70.99
2 Adults + 3 Children£84.99


The Wouburn Safari Park was created by the 13th Duke of Bedford. The park opened it’s doors to the public in 1970. The park is located on the grounds of the Wouburn Abbey Estate in Wouburn, Bedfordshire, England. The 360-acre drive-through safari park houses exhibits of such animals as The White Rhinoceros, American Bison, Barbary Apes, and more. Also included is a 40-acre area showcasing smaller, but equally fascinating animals such as penguins, marmosets, lemurs colonies, meerkats, yellow mongoose, and wallabies. In conjunction with the adjoining 3,000-acre deer park.

The Experience

The Wouburn Safari Park offers plenty of space to explore and learn about these wonderful creatures in depth. There is also a free passenger train, called the “Lady Alexandra”, that park visitors can enjoy.
The safari park has an educational area where visitors can enjoy informative discussions about the animals and learn more about the park’s ongoing conservation efforts. Those dedicated conservations efforts have helped protect such species as African Elephants and Antelopes that thrive through the park’s specially designed breeding programs. The Wouburn Safari Park’s diligent conservation efforts have helped save such species as The Pere David Deer and The Mongolian Wild Horse from the brink of extinction.
To round out your safari experience, the park offers petting areas that allow visitors to get up close and personal with some of the animals. Younger visitors are invited to visit and play at The Mammoth Play Ark. The park offers a well-stocked gift shop for their guests enjoyment. It is the perfect place to purchase a memento to commemorate your visit to the park. When hunger strikes, the family restaurant on the park grounds is sure to satisfy the hardiest of appetites.

Customer Reviews

Recent visitors to the park give the overall experience 4.5 stars (out of a potential 5-star rating) on websites such as TripAdvisor.com. Visitors agree that the experience is a great value for the price of admission and they immensely enjoyed themselves. When asked to name their favorite experiences in the park, many cite the monkey exhibits, the safari drive, the Swan Boats, and feeding the Lorikeets.

Previous visitors were also asked if they had any helpful advice to offer future visitors, to help make the most of their visit. Hands down, the most popular tips included bringing your camera for capturing the perfect photo opportunities, and arriving early to avoid longer waits for the exhibits.
The Wouburn Safari Park is open from March 29th to October 29th. The hours of daily operation are 10 AM to 6 PM, with the last visitors of the day admitted no later than 5 PM.


For more information visit Woburn Safari Park official website.

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