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Fast, Fun, and Fresh Japanese Food.

YO! Sushi offers more than just dine-in services. Catering, Delivery, and Take-Out options are also available to consumers. Event planners can hire a Yo! Chef, staff, and conveyor belt to come to their home or office; consumers on-the-go can order online or over the phone to have their order ready for pick-up; and who wouldn’t want to have sushi delivered during a night in or to accompany the latest episode of Doctor Who?

Below are the estimated Yo Sushi prices:

Food Price
Miso (unlimited refills)£2.20
Spicy Seafood Udon£4.30
Miso Chicken Ramen (Big Bowl)£8.00
Kaisen Fishcake Ramen (Big Bowl)£8.00
Vegetable Firecracker Rice £2.50
Chicken Firecracker Rice£3.40
Salmon Firecracker Rice£3.90
Vegetable Yakisoba £2.50
Chicken Yakisoba£3.40
Prawn Yakisoba£4.30
Pumpkin Korroke£3.40
Vegetable Gyoza£3.40
Chicken Teriyaki£3.90
Spicy Pepper Squid£3.90
Chicken Gyoza£3.90
Chicken Kara Age£3.90
Chicken Yakitori£3.90
Beef Tsukune£3.90
Duck Gyoza£4.30
Salmon Harumake£4.30


Chicken Katsu Curry£4.30
Pawn Katsu Currt£4.30
Katsu Selection£5.00


Vegetable Tempura£3.40
Popcorn Shrimp Tempura£4.30
Soft Shell Crab Tempura£5.00


Beef Tataki£3.90
Tuna Sashimi£4.30
Coriander Seared Tuna Sashmi£4.30
Salmon Sashimi£4.30
Sesame Seared Salmon Sashmi£4.30
Tuna Tataki & Ponzu£4.30
Salmon & Yuzu Salsa Tataki£4.30
Salmon Selection£5.00


Tamago Nigri£1.90
Inari Pocker£1.90
Salmon Nigri£3.40
Kaiso Ginkan£1.90
Masago Gunkan£1.90
Tuna Nigri£3.40
Seared Beef Nigiri£3.40
Seared Beef Nigiri£3.40
Cooked Prawn Nigri£3.90
Assorted Nigri£4.30


Crispy Salmon Skin ISO (2)£1.90
California ISO (2)£3.40
Spicy Chicken ISO(2)£3.40
YO! Roll(2)£3.90
Duck & Mango Roll (2)£4.30
Spicy Tuna Mini ISO (3)£4.30
Salmon Dragon Roll (2)£4.30
Crunchy Prawn ISO (3)£4.30
Soft Shell Crab ISO (2)£4.30

Hand Rolls

Spicy Salmon Skin£1.90
Salmon & Avocado£3.90


Avocado Maki£1.90
Cucumber Maki£1.90
Salmon Maki£3.40
Tuna Maki£3.40
Prawn & Chive Maki£3.40
Assorted Fish Maki£3.90
Inari & Chive Futomake£2.50


Kaiso Salad£2.50
Goma Salad£2.50
Aubergine Salad£3.40
Spicy Chicken Salad£3.90
Duck & Hoisin Salad£4.30


Custard Dorayaki£3.40
Fresh Fruit£3.40
Anko Mochi£3.40
Chocolate Mochi£3.90
Strawberry Cheesecake Mochi£4.30
Banana & Chocolate Harumake£4.30
Chocolate Dorayaki£4.30


Srathmore Water£1.30
Coke/Diet Coke/ Sprite£2.25

YO! Sushi was founded in 1997. The restaurant introduced the concept of a Kaiten bar to the UK. A “Kaiten” bar is a style of sushi restaurant where dishes are delivered through the restaurant on slow-moving conveyor belts; consumers choose what plates they want, and then empty platters are tallied to form the bill. YO! Sushi offers more than the namesake dish, however. They also offer a variety of soups, rice dishes, and hot entrees. YO! Sushi was the market leader in sushi restaurants by 2001.

According to their website, they “[like to think that we] inspired supermarkets to start selling packaged sushi to the Great British Public, allowing people in areas where YO! Sushi restaurants hadn’t arrived yet to take their first steps in discovering how tasty and healthy sushi can be.” Currently they serve over six million customers a year. As the chain has spread throughout the UK and the globe, they also have restaurants in Dublin, Oslo, Copenhagen, and Dubai.

The YO! Love Club allows consumers to sign up for the latest news and promotions to be delivered via email. Special offers can also be viewed on their website. In addition to introducing the concept of Kaiten bars to the UK, YO! Sushi also breaks away from the competition by offering a Sushi School for those interested in learning how to make the tasty dishes themselves.

For additional information about Yo Sushi, visit their official website.

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