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If you asked workers at Za Za Bazaar where the restaurant came from, odds are you’ll hear the same lively story listed on their website. A legend, as it were, of an ancient tribe dedicated to cooking, who traveled to all corners of the earth before settling in Bristol to open a restaurant and share their culinary knowledge. The truth is more grounded, but no less fantastic of a tale.

The restaurant was founded by Nitin Bhatnagar, a celebrated international chef, in fulfillment of his personal dream. While some critics were skeptic about how well the newcomer would do, Za Za Bazaar has been an undeniable success. The Bristol location opened in 2011, just in time for the Christmas rush; a second location opened in Newcastle in 2013. Za Za Bazaar is looking to continue their expansion, but they haven’t found their next location as of yet. Details for building requirements can be found on their website.

Below are the estimated Za Za Bazaar prices:



Until 5pm

Mon-Thurs £8.99
Sunday Brunch£12.99


5pm to 11pm

Mon - Thurs£14.99
Fri & Sat£16.99
Children 0-4years oldFree
5-11 years old1/2 Price
12 & UpFull Price

Za Za Bazaar seeks to bring tastes from around the world to consumers in an affordable all-you-can-eat style buffet. The restaurant offers anything from burgers to sushi, with live-cooking stations scattered in an Asian market feel. There are six main categories of food: Tex Mex, India, Far East, Pasta Italiana, Cakes, and Sushi. The seventh offering is the section called Special Guest Star, which is a featured style of food that is only available for a limited time. Za Za also houses a bar, which overs beers, wines, cocktails, and hot drinks. Za Za lists their full bar offerings, in addition to times and prices for the buffet, on their website.

Za Za’s Briston location can house up to 1000 patrons (300 to the bar, 700 to the buffet area), and every one of those seats is available to reserve for parties. Za Za goers do recommend booking ahead, even if it’s just a family affair, because the restaurant can get pretty busy.

A quick visit to TripAdvisor reveals that both the Bristol and the Newcastle locations have a rating averages of three and a half stars. Most visitors love the atmosphere and the variety, but warn that it can be pretty noisy. Seldom do separate locations maintain the same quality of excellence, but Za Za Bazaar seems to have discovered the secret. It will be interesting to see if their wanted third location can match the standard.


For additional information about Za Za Bazaar, visit their official website.

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